Jenni Lee Quick Facts

Alias: Jenny Lee, Stephanie Sadorra
Date of Birth: 2/11/1982
Home Town: Clarksville, Tennessee, USA
Measurements: 32C-23-35
Height: 5’3
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Green

Jenni Lee Biography

Sexy auburn haired babe Jenni Lee was born in Clarksville, Tennessee. Jenni first stepped on to the adult scene in 2003 when she was 21 years old. Jenni’s feature film career really took off in 2005 when she took part in five adult feature films which fell in to a variety of niches including amateur, gonzo, fetish and POV.

Jenni Lee stands at 5’3 and weighs 106lbs. Jenni’s fans love her for her sexy auburn hair as well as her delicious 34C-24-35 figure.  Jenni currently has no piercings but she does have a tattoo of a star above her vagina. Jenni is of Puerto Rican, German and Irish descent.

During her adult career Jenni Lee has worked with quite a few adult production studios including Hustler, Adam and Eve, Combat Zone, New Sensations, and Penthouse. Jenni has also had the opportunity to work alongside some big names in the adult industry as well including Alexis Texas, Nikki Grind, Bianca Dagger, Ruby Knox, Brooke Belle and Samantha Sin.

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  1. Frank Padia says:

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    like the tattoo too …..keep up the good work. fan from AZ

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  14. Jenni lover says:

    I cant believe, youre A girl with a perfect body, pretty, and you are porn actress too!

  15. Michael says:

    You are clearly much more beautiful than all the big names in the adult industry you mentioned to have worked alongside (only Brooke Belle being a little bit comprable to you). Regarding face, body, pussy, Ass, legs, feet and performance I believe you are number one in the adult industry at the moment.

  16. stephen says:

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  19. Yves.St.Germain says:

    There are many gorgeous women in the industry, but Jenni brings a passion and life to shoots and to films that are simply enchanting. In an industry based on illusion, she makes it very, very easy to believe, to get caught up in the action, and to get totally lost in her beauty. Very, very impressed.

  20. qingxuan says:

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  21. Erik says:

    Wow just recently watched a scene with you. I love the way you tease, fuck and get fucked. You obviously have a great body but the teasy sexy character that comes with it makes you stand out…

    Sigh…off to bed now. God knows it’s going to be hard to actually fall asleep with you on my mind.

    Thank you!

  22. Jarrod says:

    Nobody gets me going like you, i would love to meet you lol.. you are gorgeous and one of a kind.. keep it up.

  23. Andy says:

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    God bless you sweetheart.

  24. Facelesslee says:

    What I sthe deal with the tattoo Its hot and erotic but what caused you to get it?

  25. Richard Barter says:

    Beautiful woman – would be very classy and much sexier without the tramp stamp (tattoo)

  26. Vicong says:

    From the moment when I first saw her on youjizz I fell in love with her emotinally and physically. I jerked my cock off everynight watching her videos and would fantasize her riding me. But too bad she’s a 1 in a million.

  27. ali says:

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  31. NotPaul says:

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    Just happened across you yesterday, – hopefully you have still not given into the idiotic anal sex trend.

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    Come on, it is about sharing not taking.

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  37. Ron says:

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  42. MD EBADULLA says:

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  43. Brad says:

    My Sugar Baby, Amberly looks just like you. In fact she even has a tattoo on her pussy just like you. Ironically, we didn’t know of you until about two weeks ago when I saw a small clip of you with Bruce Venture on Tumblr. When I first saw the clip, I thought you were my girl. It took a little research, but I found the complete clip “Night Visitor”. I shared the clip with Amberly and she agrees that you are her doppelgänger and she is yours. I swear, her stats in terms of height, weight, body, are almost exact. Spooky! Email me and I would be happy to share some pictures of her as proof. Wouldn’t it be cool if you two could play together? Maybe a little weird, but hot as fuck. Anywa, let us know if you’re interested

  44. Brad says:

    Ps. Were from Seattle

  45. Philip says:

    What would it take to make my own video with Jenni

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